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You create search results of top quality. The search technology is cutting-edge. It is carefully tested and proven in use to ensure reliable search results for both identical and similarity searches.
Screening searches and even complex trademark availability searches are optionally available at affordable daily, monthly or annual tariffs or as pay-per-use (standard).
Never before trademark searching has been so pleasant. You will be able to conduct searches easily thanks to self-explanatory navigation and excellent user guidance.
A clear and colorful visualization of search results supports you in determining the most similar brands quickly and allows for immediate decision-making.
Suitable for pharma
You perform efficient knockout searches and internet-in-use checks easily and get pharma-friendly search results with POCA.
Global coverage
You search up to 190 trademark databases around the world via one platform and in a uniform layout.
Trademark searching next level
Here you perform trademark searches yourself easily, cost-efficiently, absolutely reliable, and safe. The search algorithm is based on the know-how we have gained over the decades. Our search experts use the same technique in their daily business and it is continuously optimized. The search mask is straightforward and self-explanatory for beginners. Advanced users open up the full functionality with just one click.
Results list - quick and easy
You receive your search results in a few seconds - presented concisely as a table sorted by relevance. The colors red, yellow and green indicate which results are important, less important, or not crucial. That allows prompt decisions. You can re-sort the matches according to your needs, filter them and add comments with a few clicks.
Informative reports - created in no time at all
Even as a newbie, you effortlessly create meaningful and professional search reports that impress your clients and colleagues. As an expert, you have acces to sophisticated additional functions that allow you to create reports that meet your requirements in every detail. The handling is simple and comfortable.
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Log in and decide on either a usage-based payment for your searches or customize an individual package that is tailored to your needs.
First impression on eligibility for protection
Search for identical trademarks

From 120 Euro per month and country
40 Euro each additional

EU trademarks and designated Int. registrations included
Sound basis for decision on brand name
Search for identical and similar marks

From 180 Euro per month and country
60 Euro each additional

EU trademarks and designated Int. registrations included